Banker Spotlight

Banker Spotlight

"I love the interaction with our members and the feeling of helping them achieve their goals."

Patsy Johnson, President, TowneBank of Cary

Meet Patsy Johnson, President of TowneBank Cary 

With more than 30 years of banking experience in North Carolina's Triangle region, Patsy serves as president for our Cary region.

Q: What does it mean to serve as the president of TowneBank Cary?                                               

A: I’m proud to say that Cary has been my home for 40 years. I was fortunate enough to move to TowneBank after a long career in banking, and I am extremely honored to be part of the senior leadership team for the bank, especially in Cary.

Q: How does TowneBank help residents and businesses in Cary?

A: TowneBank is very member focused. Our culture is simple: to assist our member base by being responsive and maintaining personal relationships with the people and businesses of Wake County.

Q: What differentiates TowneBank from other banks?  

A: Even through our growth, TowneBank has kept a small community bank feel. Our members know that our team and services are accessible.

Q: If someone were debating between banking at TowneBank and another bank, why should they choose TowneBank?   

A: First and foremost, our TowneBank team is what makes each member relationship so strong. Our members know they have direct contact with people making decisions at a local level.

Q: Describe a time when you helped a member out of a difficult situation or helped to solve a problem for them.  

A: It happens often, honestly. Our members depend on us, and we are available to them.

Q: What is your favorite thing about what you do?  

A: I love the interaction with our members and the feeling of helping them achieve their goals. It feels good to assist people with living out their dreams and finding success.

Q: What are three traits that define TowneBank?  

A: Member focused, philanthropic, strong desire to do what is right.

Q: Where do you see changes coming in the Cary market in the next 2-3 years?  

A: Cary has grown tremendously since I moved here in 1986. At that time, the population was around 30,000 people. Today, Cary has 200,000 residents. With that, the entire market has changed. Cary has gone from a small, suburban area and is now finding its identity as a high-tech market with incredible growth in business and investment. It is an extremely attractive place to work and live.

Patsy Johnson

Patsy Johnson

President - Cary
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