Tax Payments

Need to get started with Electronic Tax Payments? Let our Treasury Services team help!

Electronic Tax Payments

Schedule tax payments from multiple accounts with Business Online Banking.


Save Time

  • Pay from one place — no need to visit multiple government websites to pay corporate taxes

  • Easily track payments through online reporting 

  • Make weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual tax payments

Improve Processes

  • Initiate ACH tax payments from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet

  • Ideal for companies that process payroll internally

  • Easy to use formatting and drop-down menus

These are some of the types of tax payments you can make through Business Online Banking:
  • Payroll Tax

  • Social Security Tax

  • Medicare Tax

  • Income Tax

  • Sales Tax

  • Property Tax

  • Excise Tax

  • Self Employment Tax for Owners

  • Estimated Taxes

  • Dividend Taxes

How Tax Payments Work

Step 1: 
Enroll your business at the U.S. Department of Treasury's website.
Register with State Tax Revenue
Step 2: 
If paying taxes, register your company with your state's tax revenue website. (if applicable)
Log into Business Online Banking
Step 3:
Navigate to Business Online Banking and locate the tax module to complete the information about your business, the type and amount of taxes to be paid, as well as the routing/account numbers of the governmental tax body.
Tax payments will be dispersed via ACH out of the TowneBank business account(s) that you specify.

Fraud Control Protection

TowneBank Fraud Control Protection services can safeguard your ACH tax payments. We use the latest fraud prevention technology to ensure that your tax payments securely arrive at their intended destination.  

Fraud Control

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