Insights to Optimize Your Cash Position

Liquidity management is fundamental to using your company’s cash resources effectively.  

Reporting & Liquidity

To help achieve optimum cash positions at all times, TowneBank offers a full range of Reporting and Liquidity Management tools through Business Online Banking.

Reporting Tools

Easily and securely: 

  • Evaluate concentrated cash positions
  • Monitor ZBA/Sweep Account transactions
  • Review full statements online
  • Conduct full or partial reconciliations 
  • View check images and deposit history
  • Review ACH activity and EDI reporting 
  • Monitor accounts for fraud or suspicious activity

Our services include:

  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) 

  • Line of Credit Sweep 

  • Cash Concentration 

  • Positive Pay Services 

  • Line of Credit Sweeps 

  • Insured Cash Sweeps 

  • Investment Sweeps 

  • ACH Transfers 

  • Direct Debits 

  • Remote Deposit Capture 

  • Lockbox Services 

  • Electronic Payments and Preauthorized Credits 



Tour Business Online Banking

Tour Business Online Banking

Explore a complete library of Business Online Banking simulators to learn how to create reports, add a user and more. 
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