Safely Deposit Into the Same Account from Multiple Locations

Save time and staff resources when you reconcile your accounts using TowneBank Account Reconciliation services, available within Business Online Banking. Choose the option that suits the way your business operates.

Business Account Reconciliation

Single location, multiple locations, high transaction volume, low transaction volume…no matter how your business operates, TowneBank can provide the tools to make your process more efficient and your staff more productive. Learn more about how TowneBank Account Reconciliation services can help you streamline your financial process, saving you both time and expense. 
Deposit Reconciliation

Deposit Reconciliation 

  • Various locations or shifts can deposit to the same account number using unique location identifiers on deposit tickets

  • Reports show details of deposits by location or shift for quick and simple reconciliation

Full Account Reconciliation

Full Account Reconciliation

  • ​Provide transaction files to register the checks you have issued

  • TowneBank reviews checks presented against your issue/registry file

  • The bank creates a detailed report categorizing issued checks, paid checks, and outstanding items during the latest period

  • Positive Pay can use your transaction files to identify potential fraudulent or altered items 

Partial Account Reconciliation

Partial Account Reconciliation 

  • A simpler process—you don’t need to provide a check issuance report

  • TowneBank provides a listing of all paid checks in sequential numeric order

  • This report includes dollar amount and paid date for each check

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