Flexible, Personal Savings

Save, earn interest, and have easy access to your funds. 

Towne Saver

Whether you’re preparing for a rainy day, saving for a big event, or setting aside money for a big one-time purchase, the Towne Saver could be the perfect personal savings account!  

Towne Saver is also a great account to help a child or grandchild get started with a savings account of their own. You’re never too young to start building a financial future—and learning about the benefits of saving! 

You can open a Towne Saver account with as little as $50. You pay no monthly maintenance fee, as long as you maintain a $300 minimum daily balance (or if you’re 62 or better). And it earns interest—compounding daily—so your money starts growing on day one.   

This Savings Account Includes

personal savings opening deposit
$50 minimum opening deposit
personal savings fee
$6 monthly maintenance fee if balance requirement is not met
personal savings balance

$300 minimum daily balance

personal savings fees
No monthly maintenance fee for minors with parent's account at TowneBank
personal savings interest
Interest compounded daily
senior savings
No monthly maintenance fee for seniors (62 or better)

Apply for a Coverline

In the event of an overdraft, you can transfer funds in $100 increments from your Coverline line of credit to your designated account(s).


Overdraft Protection Transfers

Overdraft protection links your checking account to another TowneBank deposit account. In the event of an overdraft, available funds will automatically be transferred from the linked account to cover the overdraft. 

Your mobile carrier's web access and text messaging charges may apply.

All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking.

*Fees applies for deposit transfers

+Coverlines require credit approval and interest rates apply. 

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