Enhance Your Receivables Posting Process

If your business regularly takes advantage of the convenience and security of ACH payments from customers or other vendors, EDI Reporting is essential to your Accounts Receivable operation.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

EDI reporting makes it simpler to identify the extra details around an electronic payment so that reconciliation of outstanding receipts is simplified. When a sender attaches remittance addenda detail with their ACH payment, our EDI Reports will deliver that information so your company can better understand which invoices the payment is associated with, any discounts taken by the sender, and any additional information the payer provides. This value-added information will enhance your receivables posting process.

What Does EDI Reporting Provide?

EDI reporting provides all the details that a sender has associated with their electronic payment so your staff can easily and promptly post payments made from your customers and vendors.

Enhanced Efficiency

Conveniently find all ACH transaction details readily available for easy processing. 

Enhanced Visibility

See multiple invoices associated with a single payment, if any discounts have been taken, or if a holdback on a payment is being made.

Fast Reconciliation

Use our EDI Remittance reports to review complete payment data to make your daily and monthly reconciliation fast and accurate. Reduce calls to the send for payment details.

More Secure

Reduces the need to mail, fax or email information. 

Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting 
Available through our secure Business Online Banking solution.  

EDI Reporting & ACH Payments

Many of our members enjoy the convenience and security of ACH payments with EDI reporting as a part of their Accounts Receivable process. EDI reporting is a highly effective way to document payments, so they are credited appropriately to your company’s customer or vendor accounts.

Let our Treasury team show you how EDI Reporting can take your ACH receivables to a new level of efficiency.

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