Banker Spotlight

Banker Spotlight

"We stand by our members both in good times and tough times."

Dave Hare, President of TowneBank Chesapeake

Meet Dave Hare, President of TowneBank Chesapeake

With four decades of banking industry experience, Dave currently serves as the president of the Chesapeake region for TowneBank. He is responsible for a team of dedicated bankers that work to make TowneBank the community bank of choice in Chesapeake, VA.

Q: What does it mean to serve as the president of TowneBank Chesapeake?

A: My role is to provide local leadership that represents TowneBank in the Chesapeake region. Our members and businesses in Chesapeake know that there is a decision maker at the highest-level right down the street from where they work and live. 

Q: How does TowneBank help residents and businesses in Chesapeake?

A: We have a talented team of bankers, most of whom live in Chesapeake. Our bankers are involved with our members by helping their businesses grow and are involved with the community through support to local organizations. Our goal is to help individuals living and working in Chesapeake make their dreams – whatever those may be - into reality. 

Q: What differentiates TowneBank from other banks?

A: It is our people. Our Towne family members genuinely care about our members. That caring attitude comes across in every interaction we have with a member. 

Q: If someone were debating between banking at TowneBank and another bank, why should they choose TowneBank?

A: We stand by our members both in good times and tough times. For businesses that have gone through challenging times, they realize the value of a bank that will help them get through a rough patch. 

Q: Describe a time when you helped a member out of a difficult situation or helped to solve a problem for them. 

A: We provide our members with our cell phone numbers so we are always accessible, even on nights and weekends. Recently, I had a member call me on a Saturday. They were house hunting and found their dream home. With the market being super competitive, they wanted to make a cash offer on the spot. Within an hour, I provided them with a letter stating that the funds were available, and they were able to purchase their dream home! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

A: It is without a doubt the many friendships and relationships that I have come to enjoy because of a 40- year career in banking. Sometimes I can’t believe that it has been four decades! 

Q: What are three traits that define TowneBank?

A: Culture of caring. Loyalty. Serving others. 

Q: Name something you have learned from one of your members. 

A: I have learned this from numerous members: the importance of listening to understand a member’s needs, whether it is for their personal banking needs or for their business. 

Q: Where do you see changes coming in the Chesapeake region in the next 2-3 years?

A: Chesapeake is a thriving and growing community, and I see TowneBank as growing and thriving along with the region.

Dave Hare

Dave Hare

President - Chesapeake
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