Integrated Payables

As a financial leader, you recognize the value of efficiency and streamlined operations. That's where integrated payables come in. Integrated payables essentially consolidate all your payment procedures into a single, centralized system. This encompasses everything from billing and payment operations to payroll to vendor management.

Whether you're leading a small business or a large corporation, Integrated Payables can transform your Accounts Payable away from manual processes to a profitable automated solution. Integrated Payables is a web-based payment platform that can execute AP payments such as ACH, wire, check and virtual card, through a single payments file from your accounting or ERP system.

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What Can Integrated Payables Do for Your Business?

integrated payables
Streamline Payments
Execute AP payments to vendors across the globe through a single portal.
integrated payables
Mitigate Fraud
Reduce the risk of fraud associated with gathering and maintaining supplier payment information.
integrated payables
Reduce Costs
Lower suppliers' enablement costs as well as the cost of printing and mailing checks. 
integrated payables
Increase Revenues
Earn revenue on qualifying card payments. 

Optimize Your Payment Processes with Integrated Payables

Integrated Payables is a game-changer for financial leaders because it provides a seamless integration to your accounting or ERP system for frictionless payment processing for businesses of all sizes.

Payment execution services include:

  • Traditional check printing and delivery in a secure facility.
  • Migration of vendors through targeted campaigns to electronic payments such as ACH, wires, and virtual cards.
  • Payments are optimized by electing the most efficient payment method accepted by the vendor.

Integrated Payables Vendor Enrollment & Support

integrated payables
Your Vendors Can Self-Enroll
Our integrated payables solution provides an easy-to-use, self enrollment website for your vendors so they can indicate their preferred payment method.
integrated payables
Additional Support
Get additional vendor support as we act as an extension of your AP to manage inquiries, card processing issues, technical support, bank account maintenance, and more. 

Integrated Payables Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, TowneBank Integrated Payables uses virtual cards for credit card payments. This method allows the payer to issue a specific card number for one-time use to each vendor for a specific value. Not only is this a highly secure method, but virtual cards come with the added benefit of monthly rebates. Rebates from virtual card payments can turn a cost center into a revenue center.
  • Yes, the TowneBank Integrated Payables solutions supports domestic ACH payments.
  • Yes, the TowneBank Integrated Payables solutions supports domestic and international wires.
  • Customizable reports are created and generated for either a one-time use or future reporting. The custom reports process includes specialization options such as managing visibility to others and scheduling to automatically regenerate at a specified cadence for continual monitoring and analysis.
  • Yes, TowneBank offers a web-based, integrated payments platform that can take a payment file from your accounting software and execute AP payments as ACH, Check, Virtual Card or Wire through a single online portal.
  • With Integrated Payables, you can provide direction and we'll print and/or mail checks to your desired location. Checks can be mailed to recipients within or outside the United States. We even create Positive Pay check issue files to prevent fraud.
    • Work Optimization- Reduces cost of manual payment processes.
    • Centralizes Expenses- Streamlines the payment process.
    • Minimizes Risk- Provides protections by leveraging technology to automate costly and less secure manual payment processes.
    • Improves business reporting management.
    • Increases revenue- Monetize payments by shifting from costly checks to digital solutions that offer rebates and rewards.

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