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With Remote Deposit you can deposit your checks directly to your account without ever leaving your office.

Remote Deposit Capture Services

Whether you use our standard Remote Deposit or our Image Cash Letter service, you can securely and conveniently deposit checks, including Canadian*, for your business account electronically, via high-resolution scanning or mobile technology. This great business tool will save you valuable time and money, and help to decrease check fraud.

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Remote Deposit Capture Benefits

Deposit Consolidation
Deposit Consolidation

Consolidate deposits into same account over multiple office locations.

No Trip to the Bank
No Trip to the Bank

Save time by eliminating trips to the bank for check deposits.

Online Tools
Online Tools
Use online check balancing and calculator tools.
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Greatly reduce processing costs and administrative time.
Robust, Custom Reports
Robust, Custom Reports
Take advantage of detailed deposit reports, available online for one year.
Safe and Secure
Safe & Secure
Increase check security by scanning images over a secure site.
An advanced Remote Deposit solution, our Image Cash Letter service lets your company software record paper check and related payment information during the image capture process to create a standardized electronic Image Cash Letter (X9.37) deposit file. You then send this file to TowneBank via secure transmission. We will work with your technical team to coordinate validation of the submitted file format and will provide reports of your submitted image deposits.

*Fees may apply. Please check our fee schedule for more information.
Your mobile carrier's web access and text messaging charges may apply.
All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking.

Remote Deposit Demo

Remote Deposit Demo

Learn how to create a deposit tape, make a deposit, and view a transaction receipt.
Tour Business Online Banking

Tour Business Online Banking

Explore a complete library of Business Online Banking simulators to learn how to create reports, add a user and more. 


  • Yes, a foreign item processing fee will apply. Please review the most current schedule of fees for your account for fees.
  • Yes! You may deposit checks drawn off of any currency or country. For checks from most countries, the check will be sent through collections and your account will be credited when funds have been collected from the issuing bank. If the check is drawn off a Canadian bank, it may be eligible for quicker credit turnaround. Fees may apply.
  • Currently, the only foreign checks that can be accepted through Remote Deposit Capture and Remote Deposit Capture Mobile are Canadian checks and can be in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars. Eligible items for deposit with these services are also limited to $10,000. Any items exceeding this threshold should be deposited at your nearest TowneBank branch. All other non-Canadian checks can also be deposited in your nearest TowneBank branch.

    Fees may apply.

    View a Demo of Remote Deposit Capture
  • No, currently foreign checks cannot be accepted through our ATMs, but can be deposited in your nearest TowneBank branch. Fees may apply.
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