Speed Up Your Revenue Cycle

Speed Up Your Revenue Cycle

True automation for healthcare claims and payments.

Healthcare Remittance Processing

Through our partnership with Revenue Management Systems (RMS) we can help healthcare organizations speed up their revenue cycle through remittance and reconciliation automation. With RMS, your practice or healthcare group will have a single digital source of claims and payments that can be easily stored, sorted and recalled at any point — eliminating manual processes, paper based EOBs & ERAs and manual patient billing. 

Receiving files electronically does not equal automation. These files still require staff to manage the actual remittance and reconciliation process. RMS provides true automation that reduces errors and increases efficiency. 

automated reconciliation
Automated Reconciliation
healthcare claims submission
Claims Submission
healthcare lockbox services
Easy to Navigate Workflow Queue
EOB Conversion
EOB Conversion
healthcare lockbox security
Improved Security
healthcare lockbox reporting
Reporting and Analytics Across Multiple Sources
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