Personal Savings

Personal Savings

No matter your needs, our local bankers can guide you to the right plan.

What are you saving for?

What are Your Savings Goals?

Whatever your stage of life or future plans, saving is always a good idea. So, whether you’re preparing for an unexpected expense, setting money aside for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, saving for education, a wedding, or a down payment on a home or vehicle, or building a nest egg for retirement, a great place to start is talking with your local professionals at TowneBank or Towne Wealth Management 

They’ll point you toward some great options, depending on things like how much access you want to your funds, or what kind of interest rate you’re looking for.  

grow your savings

I Would Like a Fixed Interest Rate

A CD is a secure savings option with a fixed interest rate and a term that fits your needs.
emergency savings fund

I Need an Emergency Fund

If you’re looking to have a small savings account ready to cover an unexpected cost, a Towne Saver account is right for you.
Towne Saver
interest bearing account

I Would Like to Earn More Interest

TowneBank money market accounts compound interest daily—the greater your balance, the higher your interest rate.  
Money Market
retirement savings

I am Saving for Retirement

IRA, CD, Simplified Employee Pension program can all help build your nest egg. Build your strategy for your retirement.
Retirement Savings
senior savings account

I am Over 62 & Would Like to Know My Options

If you’re 62 or better, our Senior Partners Savings account is a great option. It includes a bundle of features including higher interest, free checks, and access to discounted services…just to name a few. 
Senior Partner Savings
vacation savings fund

I am Saving for Something Special

Maybe you’re putting funds away for a special day such as a wedding or an upcoming family vacation. Our Towne Saver account can help you achieve your savings goals.  
Towne Saver
kids savings account

I Would Like to Teach My Child to Save

Open a Towne Saver account to teach your child the basics of savings. If you’re a grandparent, check out benefits available to you through our Senior Partner Program.  
Kids Savings Accounts
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