Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

"Our goal is to continue to build a company where everyone feels valued and respected." - Denise Counce, Senior Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Our Commitment

At TowneBank, we value all employees and members by embracing their diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences, and by fostering inclusion that inspires innovation, encourages respect, and promotes success.

Twenty-five years ago, when TowneBank was founded, we made it part of our mission to create a warm sense of belonging. This focus continues as we work to ensure that all people – employees, members, neighbors – know they have a place in the Towne family.

– Billy Foster, TowneBank President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission Statement  

TowneBank will be a relationship and friendship driven local bank focused on basic human values that will serve to create a warm sense of belonging and financial well-being among our family of members. 

We will offer a competitive array of business and personal financial services, delivered with only the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to exquisite service for our members will lead to our ability to create a reasonable rate of return for our shareholders, a bright future for our dedicated bankers, and a leadership role for our bank in promoting the social, cultural, and economic well-being of our community. 

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts support the following TowneBank values through our commitment to:  
  • Attracting and retaining the very best talent 
  • Promoting an open and inclusive work environment 
  • Welcoming and respecting the diversity of our members, employees, and partners 
  • Continually pursuing excellence through continuous learning 
  • Our goal is to continue to build an inclusive company where everyone feels valued and respected, and create new opportunities for diversity, growth, and advancement. The TowneBank Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council will work to lead efforts to recognize and embrace our diverse cultures and ensure that all voices are heard.  
  • Employee Resource Groups are designed to support TowneBank’s strategic initiatives by engaging in positive experiences for all employees. These groups provide a platform for all employees to share suggestions and challenges, as well as to provide training opportunities in a variety of areas, including:  

    • Professional development 
    • Mentorship discussions and opportunities
    • Authentic and respectful dialogue
    • Community engagement
    • Recruitment referrals  

    Additionally, Networking Circles within each Employee Resource Group will create safe spaces for colleagues within similar backgrounds, interest, or common purpose, including NOIR, LGBTQ, Women's Networking, Working Parents and more.

Denise Counce Diversity and Inclusion

As a company, we need to leverage the diversity that exists in our workforce and our community to ensure we are the organization that embraces a culture of caring and respect for all people, religions and, genders. The ultimate goal being an inclusive environment where every member of our Towne Family feels valued, respected-and safe to bring their perspectives to the table.

Denise Counce, Senior Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Officer 

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