Banker Spotlight

Banker Spotlight

"At TowneBank, we really go above and beyond to provide exquisite member service."

Jessie Denny, Merchant Sales Manager

Meet Jessie Denny, VP & Merchant Sales Manager

At TowneBank, our unique blend of merchant solutions, support, and seasoned professionals, allow you to accept payments onsite, online, or on-the-go. Vice President, Jessie Denny manages the Merchant Sales team to help provide you with the right card processing and payment solution for your business.

Q: What exactly is Merchant Services?

A: Merchant services enables a business to accept and process debit and credit card payments, stay PCI compliant and use detailed reporting tools to manage accounts. Our local merchant services team listens to the needs of our members and constructs the most streamlined and cost-effective solution for their business.

Q: How does Merchant Services help our members?

A: Merchant services help businesses receive payments quickly and securely. Recently, our members had more demand to accept credit and debit card payments due to the national coin shortage, so we have worked with several of them to quickly deploy online options that allow for contactless payments.

Q: What differentiates TowneBank from other banks?

A:  Our merchant team members have business banking backgrounds, so we understand the ins and outs of our each of our members' needs to ensure they have the right solution. We provide unmatched personal service and effective solutions for our members’ success.

Q: If someone were debating between banking at TowneBank and another bank, why should they choose Towne?

A: They should choose TowneBank for our local service. All our reps are based in the communities they serve. They are readily available to meet with our members and help them with their needs. We also have a local service team to help with technical support. At TowneBank, we really go above and beyond to provide exquisite member service. 

Q: Describe a time when you helped a member out of a difficult situation or helped to solve a problem for them.

A: A large local festival and event promotions firm wanted to provide better payment technology that enhanced their customers’ experience before, during, and after an event.  The Merchant Services team and the company’s TowneBank banker worked together to provide a cost-saving solution, equipment, and training for the organization’s employees and their volunteers.

Q: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

A: In my management role, I love partnering with our sales team and personally meeting our members to find creative solutions that help improve their day-to-day operations. I also enjoy coaching the team to collaborate and grow as professionals.

Q: Name something you’ve learned from one of your members?

A: I’ve learned to always be open to explore alternative solutions.

Q. What are three traits that define TowneBank?

A:  Customization, Transparency, High-touch Service

Q: Where do you see changes coming in Merchant Services in the next 2-3 years?

A: As an industry, I see more and more partnerships with technology companies to make solutions faster, simpler, and even more secure. The TowneBank merchant team is always looking for solutions that will help our business members improve their customer’s experience and streamlining the payment process can be a part of that overall customer experience.

Jessie Denny

Jessie Denny

Merchant Advisor Manager
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