Speed Up Accounts Receivable

Initiate authorized electronic withdrawals from other companies’ or individuals’ bank accounts and deposit those funds directly into your account via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

Pre-Authorized Drafts

Make your Accounts Receivable process more efficient and less time consuming with Pre-Authorized Draft Service from TowneBank.
  • Better Organization

    Better Organization

    Maintain customer payment records easily and securely.
  • Control Timing of Receivables

    Control Timing of Receivables

    Save time and money, predict cash flow, and eliminate paper checks.
  • More Secure

    More Secure

    Reduce volume of paper checks received.

ACH Fraud Control Protection Services

Safeguard your originated preauthorized drafts with our ACH Fraud Control Protection services. Utilizing the most advanced technology and financial security strategies, this service can help ensure that your Pre-Authorized drafts are deposited into your accounts securely and promptly.

Enjoy the simplicity of ACH Draft payments for insurance premiums, vehicle and mortgage payments, and a wide array of other routine payments. Enroll in ACH Positive Pay, and you can securely take advantage of opportunities to pay via Pre-Authorized Draft. You will be able to control access to your account, limiting access to approved parties only.

Pre-Authorized ACH Drafts Service for Business 

The Pre-Authorized ACH Draft service for Business from TowneBank can streamline your accounts receivable management process, making it more cost effective, dependable, and much less labor intensive. You can submit a Pre-Authorized request up to 29 days before the due date. It will be debited from your customer's account and credited to your account the very next business day. TowneBank will do this for any financial institution or credit union that is a member of the Federal Reserve banking system. 

Same Day ACH posting is also available for Pre-Authorized Drafts, subject to additional fees and deadline requirements.

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