Optimize Funds in a Centralized Account

Concentrate cash in a central account and only release payments to a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) as needed. Save time and expense by letting your ZBA meet the unique needs of your growing business. 

What is a Zero Balance Account?

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA—sometimes called a sweep transfer account) is a business checking account dedicated to funding a specific expense, such as payroll, petty cash, travel reimbursement, or any other business need.  

Your ZBA is linked to your company’s main operating account, which disburses funds to the ZBA for the exact amount needed to cover that day’s transactions. At the close of each business day, after paying all obligations, the ZBA always has a zero balance (which is where the term “zero balance account” comes from).  

You can use a ZBA to concentrate deposits made to multiple accounts into a single operating account. The transfers between accounts are automated, relieving your staff of the need to reposition funds manually.  

Is a Zero Balance Account Right for My Business?

Learn how Zero Balance Accounts can benefit your business’s daily banking operations by contacting our Treasury Services team.

Get Streamlined Detailed Reports

Zero Balance Account reconciliation is easy with transaction reports available through Business Online Banking

Optimize Cash Flow Concentration

A ZBA prevents cash from sitting idle in various payment accounts. By keeping your business funds in one concentrated account, you can make the most of available resources. 

Reduce Overdrafts & Fees

The exact amount needed to pay presented items is automatically transferred from the primary account to the ZBA account. Because of this, overdrafts seldom occur. 

Save Time

Because ZBA disbursements are automatic, there is no need for your staff to transfer funds manually each day. Predicting the timing of a payment can be tricky, but having an automated transfer ensures that all disbursements will be covered.

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