"TowneBank has provided me and my business exceptional service."

"TowneBank has provided me and my business exceptional service."

Brandy Milazzo, Ascension Law

Ascension Law — A Private Banking Member

Brandy Milazzo was convinced there was a better way. A lifetime of influence from her two entrepreneurial grandfathers, coupled with experiences working with a technology company overseas and years spent through the ranks at regional and national law firms ultimately led her to the decision to chart her own path. Noticing that she and many others were lacking purpose and motivation, she set out to create a different kind of law firm – one where both the internal teams and the external partners and clients were happier, and in turn, more committed. “I knew we could create something better for ourselves internally and for our clients – a model that was more efficient and valuable, with the same or better results.” 

In 2013, she co-founded Ascension Law with a colleague. “We took the pieces that we liked from the big firms, such as the technical competency, and reimagined all of the parts that we didn’t, mostly the financial model that creates unhealthy competition and behaviors. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the model.”

Stephanie Bryant, private banker at TowneBank, remembers meeting Brandy for the first time at a women’s leadership luncheon. “Since we’ve started working together, it’s been so inspiring to see Brandy grow the firm, especially watching her become the sole owner of the practice in 2019.”

Brandy, who worked with Stephanie for her personal banking needs, decided to also move her business banking to TowneBank as she looked at expanding the firm. Today, Ascension Law has an office in the SouthPark area of Charlotte with a diverse team of attorneys who have expertise in a variety of areas, including corporate law, tax law, private finance, estate planning, family law, commercial real estate, litigation, and employment law.

TowneBank helps Ascension Law with a variety of services, including business online banking and Treasury Services like wire transfers and remote deposits. “Business owners have so many irons in the fire. We are constantly juggling so many different tasks – everything from ordering checks to paying taxes. Our team knows that we can reach out to anyone at TowneBank and get a quick response to whatever we need. It is truly a white glove experience.” 

As Ascension Law continues to grow, Brandy knows she can count on Stephanie and the rest of the team at TowneBank for the best in banking solutions.  “We are very intentional about how we grow and who we grow with, and TowneBank has been with us every step of the way.”  

TowneBank is excited to continue growing in the Charlotte area. Contact us today to learn how TowneBank can help your business or, call your local TowneBank branch to speak with a banker today.

More About Ascension Law

The primary goal of Ascension Law is to help their clients resolve issues to the best of their ability, while keeping the best interest of their clients always in mind. They pride themselves on offering the highest-quality legal service, appropriately scoped to the client's needs, at a reasonable rate.

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