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From the conference room at The Terry Law Firm, Dan Terry can see the TowneBank building in South Park, Charlotte, NC. “I know I can walk into anyone’s office there and feel comfortable,” he says. “It means a lot when I know I can walk into the president's office and sit down for a conversation.”

After years of working with a large law group, Dan started The Terry Law Firm in 2014. As a new business owner, one of the first calls he made was to the late Phil Jurney, former president of TowneBank Charlotte.  

“I called Phil and I told him to get ready for me. And he was. I had people counting on me for a paycheck, and he made sure we hit the ground running.”

Today, The Terry Law Firm is a full-service business serving the Carolina markets, providing exceptional legal guidance and protection in residential and commercial real estate handlings, corporate and business law, as well as assistance with wills, trusts and estate planning and administration, among other services.

TowneBank helps their business run smoothly through a variety of treasury services, including Positive Pay, and Remote Deposit, as well as CyberSecurity consulting. “We like to be there for all of Dan’s day-to-day needs, but also as a sounding board for larger business and financial decisions,” says Warren Miller, senior vice president and commercial banking officer at TowneBank. “We’ve made sure to always be responsive to Dan’s needs as the firm evolves, and to let him know that we are always behind him–whether through opening accounts, extending a line of credit, or just offering our advice.”

“The level of service at Towne is incredible,” he says. “Everyone is so helpful in making sure everything runs smoothly. At other banks, you might get an email with instructions on how to use or set-up a service, but the folks at TowneBank care enough to sit down with us and go through it step-by-step. It’s a day and night difference from previous banking experiences.” 

At TowneBank, we believe in going above and beyond for our members and their business.  Contact us today to learn more about how TowneBank can help your law firm. Or, call your local TowneBank branch to speak with a banker today.

More About The Terry Law Firm

The Terry Law Firm, PLLC is a full-service law firm providing legal advice and protection to clients throughout North and South Carolina. The team of attorneys and paralegals has decades of combined experience, serving both individual and corporate clients. Areas of expertise include residential and commercial real estate, commercial real estate lending, corporate and business law, title curatives, and wills, trusts and estate planning and administration. 

Daniel “Dan” Terry, founder of The Terry Law Firm, is a Charlotte native. A graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, he returned to North Carolina to pursue his J.D. at Wake Forest University. He practiced law with several small to midsize law firms in Charlotte and Raleigh, gaining experience as a real estate attorney. He opened The Terry Law Firm with a primary focus on residential real estate closings and over the years has grown his team and expanded their range of services. He is an active board member of the Real Estate Lawyers Association of North Carolina and is a member of the Mecklenburg Real Property Council.  

The Terry Law Firm prides itself on taking a unique approach when working with clients through some of their biggest financial and legal endeavors. To learn more about The Terry Law Firm, visit By clicking this link you are opening a window in a new

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