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As the healthcare industry transitions into the digital age, technology has increased patient demand for more online healthcare services and options. According to Google, 77 percent of patients searched online before booking an appointment, yet experts suggest only 20 percent of medical practices offer online scheduling for their patients.

Though most practices schedule appointments over the phone, it takes more time and resources. It is also less convenient for patients who are accustomed to doing everything at the touch of a button. From banking and insurance to shopping for a vehicle or buying a home, today’s web-enabled society rarely has to leave their houses anymore. Technological advancements such as online scheduling have made the process for booking appointments easier for both patients and staff. Medical practices who are eager to improve patient satisfaction and increase their patient base should consider online scheduling and some of its many benefits which include:

Increase Patient Satisfaction, Flexibility, & Convenience 

Increase patient satisfaction by making appointments available to schedule online. This will help reduce wait times on the phone and decrease the influx of calls into the office, which will enable staff to focus on other important daily tasks. Online scheduling allows patients the flexibility of scheduling appointments anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For patients who work during regular business hours, often the evening hours are more convenient for scheduling appointments and handling personal matters.

Save Time & Money 

The less time staff spends on the phone booking and managing appointments, the more time they can spend working on other important administrative tasks, which can translate into saved revenue. Also, the use of automated appointment reminders can reduce “no-shows” significantly.

Increase Patient Base

By utilizing online scheduling, patients can find your practice more easily and are more inclined to book an appointment due to convenience, especially new patients.

Fill Open Appointment Slots 

Online scheduling is ideal for last-minute and same-day scheduling. It can help to fill a provider’s empty slots.

For medical practices to succeed in today’s technology-driven world, not only must they provide excellent care it must also be convenient. Healthcare providers and facilities that keep up with patient demand through making these services available online will see greater productivity, reduced cancellations, improved patient satisfaction, and an increase in new patients. There are very few other technologies that can promise such a positive return on investment.


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