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Urgent care has been experiencing rapid growth as clinics are sprouting up like flowers across the US. Hospitals, health systems, health plans, and retail health clinics such as Walmart, CVS, Target, and Walgreens have been aggressively entering the healthcare space. Now more than ever is it essential to have a solid marketing strategy in place for continued success in such a competitive market. The following are 7 marketing tips for urgent care owners:

  1. Invest in a good website - Nearly 80% of patients look online when they are searching for a healthcare provider. Having a website that is informative, organized, and easy to navigate is essential to helping patients find your practice. An effective website can provide patients with information such as your location, hours, services, accepted insurances and payment forms, healthcare provider’s information or bios, and contact information. Also, make sure your urgent care information is registered with Google maps, Google places, and Bing.
  2. Make sure your website is adaptable to mobile devices - More than 60% percent of individuals use their smartphone to browse the web. Mobile users are most likely to abandon a page if it does not adapt to their screen. Invest in a responsive web design that adapts to any device viewing the page.
  3. Ask for referrals - Word of mouth can be one of the best ways to increase patient volume. Ask patients to refer their friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers. Put a sign in the waiting room as a reminder that you greatly appreciate their referrals. Business cards should also always be available at the counter, and it is helpful if the provider hands them directly to the patient.
  4. Use email - Collect e-mail addresses from your patients at check-in and community events. Start an E-Newsletter to keep patients up to date with healthcare tips, new information, and changes in your practice. It is an affordable way to keep in-touch with patients.
  5. Get involved in a cause - Getting involved in the community is essential for a healthcare facility. Find a health-related cause or an organization that you are passionate about. Whether it is the Kiwanis Club or the American Heart Association, getting involved allows providers and staff the chance to meet community members and potential patients. Having a table or booth at an event can also be a great marketing opportunity to hand out brochures, pens, t-shirts, and water bottles or anything branded with your urgent care’s name.
  6. Give back to community schools - Give back by becoming a school team sponsor. Perhaps someone in your office or patient has a child involved in a sport. This strategy benefits everyone. It helps get the urgent care’s name out in the community while giving back to the community and encouraging fitness and health.
  7. Network with other businesses - If you are located in a plaza or strip mall, make an effort to visit your neighbors. Urgent care centers are local businesses, and local businesses network together. Ask them if you can leave your business cards and bring along brochures or any branded materials. Give them a special offer for onsite flu shots or health screenings for their employees.

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