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Efficient collections improve cash flow

Collect payments, deposit multiple checks, and reduce costs with our receivables services


TowneBank can increase the collection speed of your company’s receivables and accelerate your cash inflows. 

Remote Deposit Capture
TowneBank's Deposit Wizard* quickly makes your check deposits so you don't have to leave the office. 
  • Deposit checks and view check images from any location with an internet connection
  • Our desktop scanner uses state-of-the-art, secure electronic imaging technology
  • Enjoy the convenience of our complimentary on-site installation and training 
  • Make same day check deposits until 6:00 p.m. on any business day 

Learn more by viewing our online demo.

Cash Concentration
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple locations
  • Concentrate funds into your TowneBank account
Direct Debits
This service enables you to create pre-authorized electronic transfers to or from accounts of other companies or individuals, directly to your business account via ACH.  Move funds from the accounts of receivers and credit them to your corporate account. This is a low-cost alternative for the collections of recurring payments, such as club dues, condo fees, rent, and donations.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers a timely method to collect receivables and predict cash flow
  • Provides an accurate record of ACH transactions
  • Gives your customers the convenience of setting up electronic payments

Whether your company receives a large amount of low dollar transactions, a high volume of business to business transactions or even a large amount of electronic payments, lockboxes can reduce administration and mailing costs. Easily process customer payments and access updated data through a secure server.  

We offer both retail and wholesale lockboxes. 

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