Guard Your Heart & Your Wallet

Scams are getting more sophisticated and harder to identify every day.

Romance Scams

Now, cyber criminals are even pulling at your heart strings through romance scams to get your personal or financial information.

Romance scams can start in a few different ways, but they usually begin online. For example, you may receive a friend request, follower request, or direct message on social media, or maybe the connection happens on a dating app. Some romance scammers will even email or text you directly.

Is it love? Or is it fraud?

The good news is you don't need to subject everyone you meet online to a lie detector test.

Here are seven quick ways you spot a scammer to stop them from breaking your heart...and your bank account.

  1. Scammers will usually have a tragic story or emergency reason for why they are requesting money from you.
  2. Their requests can seem random and they may request for you to move money quickly out of dire need. This makes it easy for a transaction to happen while you're rushed and off guard.
  3. They say that they will pay you back with no intention to do so.
  4. They change their story a lot and cannot keep a consistent timeline of events.
  5. They ask you to sign a document that would give them control of your finances, assets, or house. 
  6. They ask you to open a new joint account or for you to co-sign a loan with them.
  7. They ask you for access to your bank or credit card accounts.

How to Avoid Scammers

  • Be sure you are cautious about who you connect with online and what information you openly provide. 
  • Do not share personal, confidential information like bank account or social security information. 
  • Never send money, gift cards, or wire transfers to someone you have never met in person.
  • Consider making all online or social media account information private and only accept requests from people you know or have met in person. 
  • When in doubt, call your banker!

How to Report Scammers

Report in-person romance scams to local law enforcement. Report online romance scams to

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