"TowneBank has been an important partner in my success."

"TowneBank has been an important partner in my success."

Dr. Denette Cooke, Cooke Veterinary Medical Center

Cooke Veterinary Medical Center — A Business Banking Member


Four-legged friends always find a warm and loving welcome at the Cooke Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Denette Cooke opened the center in 2002, and from the start, designed it to be a facility that is patient and client friendly. 

Cooke Veterinary Medical Center originally became a TowneBank member through Dave Hare, former director of private banking and now, the TowneBank Regional Chesapeake President. 

“Dave called to introduce himself. He said he was a banker with TowneBank and if there was anything he could do for me, to let him know. Dave and TowneBank have been very good at helping me succeed. He is always there whenever I need anything. It’s been a great relationship,” stated Dr. Cooke.

From the start, Dave has partnered with Dr. Cooke to help her upgrade her building, “When I met Denette she had recently bought the practice and wanted to make some improvements and was looking for a relationship with a bank. Right from the start, it appeared we could help to save her some interest expense and improve her financial position.” 

Dave and Dr. Cooke have also worked together on several projects for her practice including medical equipment upgrades, building renovations and a complete HVAC replacement. “We also help her with her business insurance and processing payments through our merchant services,” says Dave.

Currently, Dave is providing some council to Denette on home building. “In 2020, Denette plans to build a multi-generational home. I’ve personally built several houses and I'm well versed in the construction process. She was seeking advice on keeping her project on budget, so we got together to review the plans. Together, we came up with some design changes to help save on construction costs. That’s not something a banker would normally do but, at TowneBank, it’s not just all about the interest rates or loan terms: It’s about helping our members with our personal knowledge and expertise, any way we can.” 

“From the day we met, I sensed that Dr. Cooke  wanted to have a relationship with her bank, rather than being transaction-driven,” Dave says. “It became evident to me early on that she ran a relationship-based practice as well. It's been a great fit from the start! We’ve built a true partnership and that’s something I truly enjoy."

More About Dr. Denette Cooke and Cooke Veterinary Medical Center

Dr. Cooke graduated from Berea College with a degree in chemistry and pursued her love for the science working at a lab in Jacksonville, Florida. When an economic downturn left her without a job, she made the decision to go to vet school. “Being a vet put together everything I love—animals, people, and solving problems,” Denette says. She earned her DVM from University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and worked for several years in Washington state and Virginia Beach, before opening her own veterinary hospital in Chesapeake.

In 2005, the Cooke Veterinary Medical Center became known as The Place for Healing as a reflection of Denette’s interest in new methods of treatment. “When I first started as a veterinarian, the only pain medicine we had for dogs was buffered aspirin. Then came some non-steroidal drugs as well as joint supplements. So many dogs were suffering from arthritis, and many were not helped by conventional medications and treatments. I knew we could do better than this.”

She began to explore other options to eliminate pain and increase mobility. In 2008, she completed her certification in acupuncture from the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. “I was worried that people might think it a bit odd,” Denette smiles, “but I also knew that whatever it took to make dogs better, I wanted to learn how to do it. Helping senior dogs when they are okay, but their bones need help, is so rewarding. Today, we have new pain meds, laser treatments, chiropractic care, as well as some non-traditional methods. We look at the patient as a whole—every case is individualized, and that is what holistic medicine means.”

The Cooke Veterinary Medical Center offers a multi-modal approach of medical treatments. “We like to think of our method of medicine as ‘carrying 2 black doctors’ bags’. We provide the treatment options that are best for our patients. And that ranges from the newest advancement of a surgical technique or a new medication, to ancient evidence-based medicine such as acupuncture, food therapies, massage and herbals.” Dr. Denette Cooke and the staff at Cooke Veterinary Clinic use lots of TLC and innovative methods when treating their four-legged clients.

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