Community Growth: The Rey's Restaurant & TowneBank Partnership

Discover the charm of Rey's Restaurant in Cary, NC, where culinary expertise meets community spirit. TowneBank supports Rey and his passion, offering personalized financial solutions that nurture his restaurant's growth. Patsy Johnson from TowneBank is not just a banker but a cherished member of Rey's extended family, contributing to the restaurant's success. Experience the difference at TowneBank, where every member is family.

See for yourself and watch our member story on a gem in Cary, NC - Rey's Restaurant

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TowneBank, established in 1999, is built on strong relationships, exceptional service, and the expertise of seasoned bankers. Offering a comprehensive suite of financial services, we are committed to a culture of caring, valuing diversity in people and perspectives.

With 51 offices across multiple regions, TowneBank is a local leader fostering community growth in social, cultural, and economic aspects.

We partner with our members for their success, leveraging local bankers' expertise and personalized attention, with the autonomy to make community-based decisions.

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