Personal Money Management

Set Budgets. Track Spending. Monitor Your Progress.

Financial Management Solutions

Whether you already use financial management software or you're looking for a new tool to help track your spending, Towne-Personal online banking is designed to work with the following software:

  • Money Management
  • Quicken*
  • Quickbooks*

Money Management

Money management is a complimentary, personal financial management tool available in personal online or mobile banking. Easily connect your TowneBank and other accounts to get a complete view of your spending habits – all from one place. Money management includes tools to set budgets, analyze your spending, and you can even see where you are on any given day with the Cash Flow Calendar.

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You can purchase Quicken and seamlessly use it with our online banking system. When you use Quicken with Direct Connect (also known as One-Step Updates) you can skip the login and get automatic downloads of your account activity, transfer funds between your TowneBank accounts, or even to pay your bills – all within Quicken.

Enjoy your first three months free, and then only pay $10/month after for Direct Connect access.

Or, if you prefer to skip the monthly fee, you can also use Web Connect to download your information into Quicken. With Web Connect, you will log into Towne-Personal online banking, choose an account ,and select ‘Export’ to download your transactions.

To get started, log into Quicken and have your Towne-Personal online banking User ID and Password ready.
Easily connect your TowneBank accounts to your Quickbooks software with either Direct Connect (One-Step Updates) or Web Connect. With Direct Connect you can automatically download your account information, transfer funds between your TowneBank accounts, pay your bills – all within Quickbooks.

Enjoy the first three months of Direct Connect for Free and then pay $10 per month after the free period ends.

Or, if you prefer to skip the monthly fee, you can also connect your TowneBank accounts with Web Connect. With WebConnect, log into Towne-Personal Online Banking, chose an account, and select ‘Export’ to download your transactions into Quickbooks.

To get started with Quickbooks, open your software, and have your Towne-Personal User ID and Password ready.

Your mobile carrier's web access charges may apply.
All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking.
*First 3 months free, $10 per month thereafter.
Quicken and Quickbooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

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