Success is Within Your Reach

Success is Within Your Reach

With support from our local bankers, you can find the right loan to help meet your business needs.

Small Business Lending with Local Support

Small businesses like yours help to fuel our economy and we want to help. We have bankers who live and work in your neighborhood and understand small business needs.


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    What's Best for Your Business?

    How do you know if a loan or line of credit is best? Learn the difference between the two options and call a local banker to apply.
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    Have Existing Collateral?

    Learn how to use what you have for collaterized financing. Call a local banker with your questions.
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    Does Local Support Matter?

    Gain insight from our members as they share their experiences on working alongside a local banker to grow their businesses.
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No matter the need, we have lending options to help!

small business lending

Buy a Building

Ready for a new space? We have real estate loans to help you buy or renovate the office space you want. 
small business lending

Create Jobs

Creating new jobs requires capital. Let us help you make the right loan to help your business and our communities grow. 
grow your small business

Invest in Growth

Ready to grow? Our bankers can help you formulate a plan.
small business loan

Purchase Equipment

If you need to purchase new equipment or update existing equipment, we can help with financing. 
small business technology

Invest in Technology

Need new technology to improve your business? Our bankers can help you determine the best loan package.
business acquisition

Acquire a Business

Acquiring a business can bring new skills to your team or expand your footprint. We can help with acquisition financing.

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Small Business Lending FAQs

  • We pride ourselves on being a local partner to small businesses. No matter the size and demands of your business - from brand new to well-established - we have the financial services and know-how to help you succeed.
  • A non-collateral loan is an unsecured loan without any collateral to back up the loan. A non-collateral loan is based on good faith and a good credit history, which is a higher risk for a lender. For this reason, non-collateral loans have higher interests rates and less flexible terms. A collateral loan, however, is a secured loan backed by some form of assets such as treasury bonds, stocks, certficates of deposits, real estate, and vehicles.
  • Yes! TowneBank offers SBA 504 loans* that are backed by the Small Business Administration.

    SBA 504 loans are a long-term, fixed-rate financing solution. Businesses that apply for an SBA 504 loan must meet some requirements such as:
    • Be a for-profit business operating in the United States Meet SBA small business size standards for your industry
    • Prove that your business cannot get similar financing elsewhere
    A 504 project generally has three main partners:
    • A Certified Development Company (CDC) that provides up to 40% of the financing (guaranteed by the SBA)
    • A third party lender that provides 50% of financing
    • A borrower who contributes at least 10% of financing
    If you have questions about an SBA loan, contact one of our local bankers who can help you get started.

    *Normal Credit approval criteria apply
  • Yes! TowneBank offers SBA 504 loans* that are backed by the Small Business Administration. SBA 504 loans are a long-term, fixed-rate financing solution. TowneBank also offers additional business loans and finance options.

    If you aren't sure where to begin with your SBA 504 application, contact one of our local bankers who can help guide you through the process.

    *Normal Credit approval criteria apply
  • At TowneBank, we have the tools and bankers to help your small business thrive. For more information, visit our [Small Business Banking page.](
  • Because each loan has different requirements, its best for you to discuss your needs with a banker to find the right lending solution for you. Then, you and your banker can discuss qualifications, credit scores, and collateral that may be needed to qualify for the loan. Our bankers are also knowledgeable about SBA loans, specifically for small businesses, and can help guide you through the application process. We are hear for you.

    Normal credit approval criteria apply.

Normal credit approval criteria applies.

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