Transitioning to Soft Tokens

Business Online Banking

This spring, we will discontinue one-time security code delivery through phone calls and text messages for users who are approving ACH and Wire transactions within Business Online Banking. This means, if your approvers currently receive a one-time security code via phone call or text message to authorize these transactions, they will need to instead, receive a security code, via a Soft Token through the SecureID app.  

Company Administrators will need to enable approvers within Business Online Banking to activate these tokens. Below you will find steps to assist you with preparing for this transition. It is very important that all Company Administrators follow these steps to avoid any service interruptions once this change goes into effect. 

Important Notes About This Transition

  1. Company Administrators will be notified when soft tokens are available to enable for their users. Once available, you can download the SecurID app onto your mobile device and complete the Soft Token activation. All users must be enabled on the assigned transition date, communicated by email to Company Administrators, to continue to approve ACH and/or Wire transactions with a token.   
  2. Once logged into Business Online Banking, Company Administrators can entitle users to Soft Tokens for ACH/Wire transaction approvals. It is important only to enable those users who need to provide approval for ACH and Wire transactions. 
  3. Once your users have been entitled, they can download the SecurID app onto their mobile device and complete the Soft Token activation process using these steps. 
  4. On the transition date, all ACH or Wire transaction must be approved using a token. 

Company Admin & User Guide

Important Notes to Remember

  • All Company Users must complete the Soft Token Activation process before approving transactions. 
  • Soft Tokens are registered to each individual user and cannot be used by anyone else. 
  • To avoid any service interruptions, it is essential that users are enabled for Soft Token and activate them before your organization's assigned transition date. Please contact Treasury Member Care at 844-638-6724, M-F, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM if you need further information about your transition date. 

What If Our Company Users Cannot Use Soft Tokens?

We understand that some organizations may not allow mobile devices in the workplace and therefore cannot use Soft Tokens. If this is the case at your organization, please submit a Hard Token Request form available within Business Online Banking. To locate this form, navigate to Administration, then select Communications, and Forms and Documents. 


  • A Soft Token is a software app downloaded and installed on your Apple or Android device. The app will generate a one-time passcode for ACH and Wire approvals which adds an extra layer of protection to these transactions.
  • Along with your PIN, the Soft Token app generates a random, one-time passcode that enabled users will enter, each time you need to provide an ACH or Wire approval. The combination of your PIN plus the passcode adds additional security to these important transactions.
  • Any User who can approve ACH and wires and has been entitled with Soft Token Approval by their Company Administrator.

    NOTE: Users who are not entitled to approve ACH and wires transactions, DO NOT need to be entitled with the Soft Tokens Approval.
  • You can search for SecurID in either the Apple or Google Play store to find and download the app.
  • Yes, the Soft Token can be used when approving ACH and wire transactions via Business Mobile Banking.

Your mobile carrier's web access and text messaging charges may apply. 

All terms applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking.

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