Steps to Report Check Adjustments

Business Online Banking
If your company uses Positive Pay, you can use these steps to report check adjustments.

Use these steps to report Check Adjustments in Business Online Banking:

  1. Log into Business Online Banking 
  2. Select 'Administration' and then 'Communications'
  3. On the Communications page, select 'Forms and Documents' 
  4. On the 'Forms and Documents' page, select the 'Adjustment Requests' form and download it. 
  5. Complete all fields on the form and save it to your desktop. 
  6. Return to the 'Communications' page in Business Online Banking and select the 'Contact Us' option. 
  7. In the 'To' field, select 'Check Adjustment Requests'
  8. You must include a 'Subject', upload your PDF, and include a Message. Then, select 'Send'. Your message will be securely delivered to TowneBank and all responses back to you will be posted in Business Online Banking. 

Select the 'Sent Mail' option at the top of the 'Contact Us' page to view all of our secure messages. 

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