A Message on Recent Tragedies & Racial Injustice

6/8/2020 | Suffolk, VA
Our country is founded on values that promote freedom and justice – for all people. Yet we have witnessed how racial discrimination has undermined equal justice. The severity of recent events has shaken our nation and mobilized people to action.

Injustice of any kind is intolerable, but discrimination is one of the worst forms of injustice. The negativity, hatred, and violence we see in society must be replaced with compassion for one another where we accept and celebrate our differences. 

Since our founding, the TowneBank family has seen first-hand the power of working together to serve others and enrich lives. It works in our business, for our members, and across our communities. We remain committed to this guiding principle of our company.

Our best path forward is together. Our communities will rebuild as we support individuals and community organizations who share the belief that it is possible to truly care for one another, appreciate our differences, and make a positive impact that brings people together to enrich their lives.  BACK TO NEWS
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