Live Like a Retiree

Retirement Savings

In planning for a secure and comfortable retirement you have already considered downsizing and simplifying your lifestyle in order to stretch your retirement dollars. Why not start now? An increasing number of financially responsible people are looking ahead towards retirement with an eye towards quality of life, rather than lifestyle. That means getting much more out of what you have and enjoying life for what it offers. It's less about consumption and more about absorption - that is absorbing everything you can from the life you have. That's the vision a growing number of people have for retirement.

Well, many people aren't waiting for retirement to make that adjustment. They're downsizing now, trading their big house for a smaller abode, buying older model cars, drinking tap instead of bottled, bagging lunches, shopping the thrifts stores and Craigslist, and planning more "staycations". The effect this has financially is obvious - more funds available to save towards retirement. The psychological effect is even more profound in that it prepares them for a smooth, seamless transition into their next stage of life.


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