Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft is a rapidly growing problem, so refer to this section to avoid the dangers. Articles target credit card and ID protection, destruction of sensitive files, mail protection, and safeguarding children and aging parents.

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Credit Identity

Identify theft is a fast growing crime that is not only stressful, but potentially dangerous. Protect your personal identity and financial information by guarding your social security number and all personal information using these simple actions.


Monitor Your Financial Identity by Reviewing Your Credit Report

To ensure that your information is correct and that no one has taken loans in your name, you should know what is in your credit report.


Protect Your Mail

Learn why it's important to keep your incoming and outgoing mail secure.


Protect Your Whole Family

You are not the only one who is in risk of identity theft. Your young and elderly are vulnerable to it as well. As a parent, it is important to take precautions to protect your children and to take measures to protect your aging parents.


Shredding Personal Documents and When to Dispose of Them

Everyone has documents with personal information on them. Learning when and how to dispose of these papers is important for your own safety.

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Tips for the Holiday Season

These quick tips can help you stay safe while shopping during the holidays.


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