Coverline and Overdraft Protection

In today’s electronic world of ATM and Debit card transactions, online bill payments, and fast-clearing checks, keeping track of your account balance can be tricky. We have services that can help prevent embarrassing situations and minimize fees.

Balance notifications through online banking
Balance notifications provide a simple solution that is free and easy to use. Simply log in to online banking, select the account(s) you wish to monitor and establish a target balance level for notification. An email will automatically be sent to you when your balance reaches that level. Ready to get started? Log in to online banking and follow these instructions:

Through Towne-Personal

  • Select ‘My settings’ in the upper right hand corner                                                    
  • Then select 'Alerts and Notifications'                                                          
  • ‘Notifications using Express Set Up’ 
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Overdraft protection transfers.
Overdraft protection links your checking account to another TowneBank deposit account. In the event of an overdraft, available funds will automatically be transferred from the linked account to cover the overdraft. 

Talk to your hometown banker to get started. 

Nominal fees apply. 

Apply for a Coverline, and In the event of an overdraft, funds will be transferred in $100 increments from your line of credit to your designated account(s). 

Talk to your hometown banker to get started.

Subject to credit approval; applicable interest rates apply.

Other Resources To Help Minimize Overdrafts And Fees
If you are facing financial challenges, you may want to consider free or low-cost financial workshops or individualized financial counseling. Contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 1-800-388-2227, or visit or for additional consumer resources.  If you need additional assistance or tips, feel free to contact your local, hometown banker.