Mobile Payments Made Simple

Mobile purchases have arrived. Now, it's possible to make purchases without swiping a credit card on select Apple or Samsung devices, or new Android phones.
It's simple to get started
Mobile purchasing offers an easy way to pay without pulling your credit card out of your wallet.
All three options make it simple to add your credit card to your device and get started.

Convenience at check out
Free yourself from the hassle of searching for the correct card at checkout - simply pull out your phone. Paying inside of popular apps is convenient too. No passwords to remember - simply use mobile purchasing instead to pay quickly.  

A secure way to pay
All of the payment technologies use a form of encryption to create virtual card numbers - your credit card's information isn't shared with a merchant.

Apple Pay
With Apple Pay, you can use the iPhone 6, iPad or Apple Watch to buy at stores and in apps using your card.

Say hello to Apple Pay
Apple Pay is a payment technology that allows you to use your iPhone (or other compatible Apple device) to make mobile purchases:
  • It takes one touch to authorize payment with Touch ID
  • No need to swipe your credit card
  • Your card information is not revealed to merchants

Places to use Apple Pay
You'll be able to use Apple Pay anywhere you see the Apple Pay or Visa payWave symbol.
That includes hundreds of thousands of popular retailers, boutiques, grocery stores—lots of place you already shop.
You can also use Apple Pay to make convenient in-app purchases, skipping the hassle of entering your password. You'll authorize payment with just your fingertip.

Getting started
Apple has made it simple to get started with mobile payments. There are no apps to download. You simply need to add your credit card to the Wallet/Passbook app.
  1. Add your credit card to your Apple device Wallet/Passbook® app by taking a picture of your credit card with the devices' camera. 
  2. Enter your security code—found on the back of your card. 
  3. Now you are all set up. Simply hold your Apple device near a payment terminal when making a payment. Apple Pay will automatically launch and ask you to approve the purchase with your fingerprint. 

Security matters
Apple Pay never uses your actual credit card number to make a purchase. Every card you enter creates a device-only account number that is stored in your Apple device or iPad. When you make a purchase, the device-only account number is the only card number that is transmitted.

Use Apple Pay and enjoy peace of mind knowing:
•No credit card number or personal information is received by the merchant.
•Apple doesn't store your transaction data.
•You continue to enjoy 24-Hour Fraud Protection that already comes with your card. 

Android Pay
Android Pay works with a wide-array of the latest Android devices. Pick your favorite and then add your card to make mobile purchases with just a tap.

All in—for mobile payments
You can use your compatible Android device to make credit card payments with your credit card. It's secure and convenient—and gives you another option for how to pay.

Pay with a tap
No need to hand over your credit card. After you have set up Android Pay, you simply unlock your phone and hold it near the retailer's contactless terminal. It's just that easy.
  • Use Android Pay wherever you see its symbol or the Visa® payWave symbol.
  • It's also simple to use Android Pay inside many popular apps. No need to remember a password—just use Android Pay to pay instantly. 
Staying safe and secure
Shop without revealing your information. With Android Pay, you're protected—a virtual account number is created for every card you add. This virtual account number represents your information and can't be used outside of Android Pay:
  • Your card includes 24-Hour Fraud Protection—adding another layer of protection. 
Tracking purchases
It's easy to keep track of your Android Pay purchases.
  • A payment confirmation will appear on your phone immediately following a purchase.
  • You're able to look up recent transactions easily.
Want to go back and look at something? No problem. It's easy to look at any of your recent Android Pay transactions.

And since all Android Pay purchases appear automatically on your device, you'll be able to spot suspicious activity quickly.

Make safe and simple mobile payments with the latest Samsung devices.

Get to know Samsung Pay
It's simple to pay using your credit card and your Samsung phone. Now instead of swiping your card, your phone can make your purchase for you.
  • Features built-in Samsung KNOX™ security.
  • Setup is a breeze—you'll be ready to go in minutes. 
Go from setup to paying—fast
You'll need your credit card and your phone to setup Samsung Pay. Simply use the phone's camera to add your card. And then, when you want to use Samsung Pay at checkout, just swipe upwards on your screen.
  • Wide coverage—Works nearly everywhere you can swipe your card.
  • Hold phone near terminal to pay and a subtle vibration confirms payment. 
Focused on security
Samsung Pay encrypts your credit card information as soon as you add it. Your card number becomes a virtual card number—so no retailer will have access to your information:
  • Samsung Knox technology monitors inside the app for malicious activity.
  • Your fingerprint authorizes each payment. So you're always in control.
  • Your card also includes 24-Hour Fraud Protection—to add even more peace of mind. 

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