International Travel

International Travel

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Should I notify the bank before I travel internationally?

Yes.  To prevent an interruption in ATM or Debit Card access, call your local Hometown Banker prior to your departure to place a travel flag on your account. This will reduce the chance of interrupted access to your funds while traveling.  

Is my ATM/Debit card restricted in any countries?

Unfortunately, there are several countries where there is a high level of attempted fraudulent ATM/Debit Card activity. In accordance with Master Card recommendations, transactions have been restricted in specific countries in order to protect our members. Please contact your hometown banker prior to travelling internationally to ensure that your final destination is not on the restricted list. 

If you plan to travel to a country that ATM and debit card transactions are restricted, you may be able to use travelers checks* or obtain foreign currency* before you travel. A hometown banker would be happy to assist you with either option.

*service fees may apply

Where can I use my ATM/Debit Card when out of the country?

If you are not in a foreign country that is restricted you should be able to use your TowneBank debit card anywhere MasterCards® are accepted. To get a current list of restricted countries please contact your hometown banker prior to travelling to make sure you will not experience any service interruptions. 

Are there any fees associated with using my ATM or Debit Card internationally?
Anytime you use your TowneBank debit card overseas you will incur a 3% charge on the total purchase. There is a 3% charge on the amount you withdraw from international ATMs.
How will international transactions post to my account when I use my ATM or debit card?

Transactions made internationally will be charged to your checking account in U.S. dollars and will appear in your monthly statement. The currency conversion rate used on the processing day may differ from the purchase date or posting date rate. TowneBank has no control over the exchange rate. We suggest visiting to get a general idea of currency exchange rates before you travel.

Why is it important to provide TowneBank with my cell phone number?
If we suspect that your debit card is being used fraudulently, we will call the cell phone number listed on your account instead of a home phone number. It is very important to make sure that we have your current cell phone number on file if you decide to travel domestically or internationally.