Enrollment Questions

Which product is right for me?

Towne-Biz is designed for the small business owner who needs regular access to both your business and personal accounts.  Towne-Biz allows a business owner to view balance and transaction history including check images, transfer money between accounts, and view both business and personal accounts in one place. Learn more about Towne-Biz.

Business Online Banking provides access for business users who need the ability to add multiple users and access to cash management services. We recommend Business Online Banking for non-profit organizations to ensure that the organization’s accounts will always remain independent of any personal accounts by officers within the organization. In addition, should roles change within the non-profit organization, it is much easier for the non-profit’s online banking manager to grant or remove users. Learn more about Business Online Banking.

Can I view my personal and business accounts together?

Yes, business owners can view both your personal and business accounts together when using Towne-Biz.  

If you have a business account and would like to see it in online banking, please log into Towne-Biz, click on 'Support' and send a secure email containing the business name, account number(s) and Tax ID#. 

If you add a new personal account after you establish your online banking access, the new personal account will be automatically visible within online banking.

How do I enroll for Towne-Biz?

Before enrolling in Towne-Biz you must first have an account with TowneBank. For information on opening a new account, please contact your hometown banker. You may also want to ensure that we have your most recent contact information on file as we will use that information to verify your identity.

To enroll in Towne-Biz visit our online enrollment form and fill in all of the fields. If the information you provide matches what we have on record you should receive a notification within one business day notifying you that you may access your accounts through Towne-Biz. In order to protect your security, if the information we have on file does not match what you provide on the enrollment form it may delay your enrollment.  

How do I enroll for Business Online Banking?
You can enroll in Business Online Banking by filling out our online form. You will need the following information for your online banking manager in order to complete the form:
a. First and Last Name of the Business Owner
b. Contact information for the Business Owner or Company Officer
c. Business Tax ID# 

You may also include up to 5 related or affiliated companies to your profile during the enrollment process. To do this, you will need to include both the business name and TIN#. 

You will also need information for your Company Administrator. The Company Administrator is the designated individual who will have company authority and access to set-up and delete online authorized users; establish rights and access accounts by authorized users; assign passwords and reset passwords; make online account transfers including bill payments; if applicable, set limits by users and by account for Business Online Banking Treasury Services; and request changes to your Business Online Banking accounts. 

a. First and Last Name
b. Date of Birth 
c. City of Birth
d. Email Address 
e. User ID 

Once you have completed the enrollment form, you will need to print and have a company officer sign the Service Agreement form which is provided after you ‘submit’ the enrollment form. Mail the signed Service Agreement form to:

Business Online Banking Enrollment
6001 Harbour View Blvd.
Suffolk, VA 23435

Once the signed agreement is received, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to provide you with login information for your account(s).