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Protect Against Email and Wire Scam Targeting Transportation Industry

The FBI Norfolk Division has alerted law enforcement officials and the banking industry of the use of a business email compromise (BEC) scheme targeting the Transportation Industry in which criminals are:

  • Emailing employees with access to company finances and tricking them into making wire transfers to bank accounts thought to belong to trusted partners 
  • Defrauding companies into shipping their products, which are then reshipped overseas.

The spoofed email addresses are only changed by one letter, making it difficult, at first glance, to determine authenticity. 

For example:

Spoofed email address:  johndoe@fbl.com
Actual email address: johndoe@fbi.com

The first email appears legitimate, even though the "i" is actually a lowercase "L".

For more information and ways to stay protected, read the FBI's article here.

Here are some tips to help you avoid phishing scams:

  • Don’t email financial information. It’s not secure.
  • Carefully scrutinize all e-mail requests for transfers of funds and be suspicious of pressure to act quickly.
  • Confirm requests for funds transfers by using phone or in-person verification as part of two-factor authentication.
  • Consider additional IT and financial security procedures such as end to end digital signatures or two-factor authentication.
  • Know the habits of your customers and beware of sudden changes in business practices.
  • Instead of replying to emails, consider forwarding responses using existing contacts in your address book.

If you would like to learn more, view our Technology and Internet Safety Section here.