Towne 1031 Exchange, LLC

Experience is important- go with someone you know and trust

We offer the highest level of professional expertise and personal service. Led by President, Ute Heidenreich, Esq. this TowneBank subsidiary can handle every aspect of your tax-deferred exchange, serving as an experienced Qualified Intermediary.

  • Tax-Deferred Trades- selling a rental home to buy an apartment complex? Relocating your commercial investment properties? Exchange one investment property for another with tax-deferred benefits.
  • "Like-Kind" Considerations- property owners may exchange investment property for another property of like kind, such as real estate, boats, aircraft, equipment, and collectibles. The properties must be held for investment or productive use in trade or business.
  • Benefits of a 1031 Exchange- Participants can receive substantial tax benefits through deferral of capital gains taxes and of accumulated depreciation recapture.  Investors are able to leverage funds otherwise needed to pay capital gains taxes to acquire more desirable property.

Who is eligible? 
Tax paying entities: individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLC's, etc. are entitled to the benefits under section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Process:

  1. Towne 1031 Exchange, LLC prepares all the necessary documentation and guides investors through the process.
  2. Exchange proceeds are wired directly to, and held in separate accounts, at TowneBank.
  3. Investors have 45 days to identify, and 180 days to close on replacement property.
  4. Towne 1031 Exchange, LLC will wire funds directly to the replacement property closing.