"You can look forward to the same friendly service."

"You can look forward to the same friendly service."

Andreia Lynch, Universal Banker

Personal Checking, Savings, & Money Market Account Changes

TowneBank offers an exciting array of personal checking, money market, and savings accounts to meet your financial needs and goals. We have taken great care in selecting TowneBank accounts that align closely with the account(s) you hold at Farmers Bank. Please review the chart below that shows your new account name at TowneBank.

Checking Accounts

If you have one of these Farmers Bank checking accounts...This will be your checking account at TowneBank...
Progressive Checking*
Royal Express***
Statement Manager**
Towne Classic
Personal NOW
Relationship Checking
Legacy Relationship Checking 
Towne Gold 
Royal Express*** Senior Partner Checking or Towne Classic

*While Towne Classic has a $12 monthly maintenance fee if the minimum daily balance requirements are not met, we are waiving the maintenance fee for Farmers Bank Progressive Checking account holders for the life of the account. 

**Statement Manager, a product no longer offered at Farmers Bank, is very similar to the Towne Classic, in which you can avoid the $12 maintenance fee by having a minimum $1,500 daily balance. We also will waive the monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a $2,500 average balance or combined $10,000 minimum daily balances with this account and other TowneBank checking, savings, money market, and CD accounts in your name.

***Royal Express account holders who maintained a minimum balance of $5,000 at Farmers Bank or will not be 62 or better by April 17, 2023, will convert to a Towne Classic account.

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Savings & Money Market Accounts

If you have one of these Farmers Bank savings or money market accounts...This will be your savings or money market account at TowneBank.
Personal Savings Towne Saver 
Personal Money Market***Towne Investor
Towne Market Master 

***Your money market account balance at Farmers Bank determined your new account type at TowneBank. Accounts with balances below $10,000 will move to a Towne Investor account. Accounts with balances of $10,000 or greater will move into a Towne Market Master account.

Towne Saver   Money Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Great news! All active personal and business checking, money market, and savings account numbers will remain unchanged. A small number of active CD/IRA account numbers will change. Those new numbers will be provided on your maturity notices. For your convenience, we will have the ability to reference your former account number at any time.
  • You may continue using your Farmers Bank checks, deposit tickets, and money market documents through December 31,2023. Please know that your existing Farmers checks will continue to be accepted any place you do business.

    For your convenience, we will provide a complimentary order of personal checks and offer up to $125 for your first order of business checks with the TowneBank routing number and your account number. Ask your banker for details.
  • You may continue to use your Farmers Bank Debit Card through Sunday, April 16. You should be able to make ATM withdrawals and Debit Card purchases as normal; however, over the weekend of April 14-16, balance information at the ATMs may not be available. 

    In the two weeks prior to April 14, you should receive your NEW TowneBank Debit Card. Please wait to activate and use your new card until Monday, April 17. Your new TowneBank Debit Card will have the same PIN (personal identification number) as the card it is replacing. If you need a PIN reminder for any account, please contact your banker or Towne Member Care at 844-638-6714 on or after April 17.
  • On January 13, 2023, Farmers Bank became a division of TowneBank, and the two banks became a single deposit institution under the FDIC. To provide a grace period for depositors, the FDIC permits separate insurance coverage for six months following mergers. After that time, deposits held under each trade name - Farmers Bank and TowneBank - will not be separately insured but will be combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit. Talk to your banker about coverage if you have deposits at Farmers Bank and TowneBank.

    You can find detailed information about FDIC coverage changes here.
  • Your automatic drafts will continue without interruption. In the months following the conversion, we do ask that you review your account activity regularly to ensure that all payments occur as anticipated. We also encourage you to check with your service provider to ensure that the necessary changes have been made. If you are asked to confirm the TowneBank routing number, it is 015408949.
  • Yes, you will begin to log into online banking systems at TowneBank beginning on April 17, 2023. We will share information about what to expect by email prior to that date.
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