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I am overdrawn but have some questions

I am overdrawn. How did this occur?
You may overdraw your account even though the available balance appears to show sufficient funds in your account. For example, the available balance does not include: 
  • Outstanding checks and payments: Any checks you have written that have not yet cleared your bank account, or automatic or recurring payments that you previously authorized but have not yet been received by the bank for payment.
  • Debit card final transactions: In some cases, the bank receives a pre-authorization for a debit card transaction, but the final transaction may be more than the amount pre-authorized (for example, tips you add onto the transaction at restaurants). 
  • Pending debit card transactions: Certain type of card transactions, like car rentals, hotel reservations, and international transactions may be pre-authorized, but submitted for payment much later.
After reviewing your bank statement or online activity, feel free to contact a hometown banker if you need additional assistance. 

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