Towne-Personal/Biz FinanceWorks

What is FinanceWorks?

FinanceWorksTM is a program within Towne-Personal/Biz that allows you to view transactions from accounts you hold at other banks, credit unions, credit card companies or investment firms. By using FinanceWorksTM you can get a holistic view of where your money is going. The tool also allows you to set up budget goals and alerts to monitor your money, all from one place.

To get started, you must first login to Towne-Personal/Biz. From the online banking home screen you can access FinanceWorksTM in one of two ways.

Option 1
For first time use of FinanceWorksTM you should see two charts at the bottom of the Account Summary screen within online banking labeled 'Outside Accounts' and 'View Spending'. Simply click on the 'Get Started' link in either chart, read through the terms and conditions and if you agree select 'I Accept'. Then you're ready to start adding your accounts.

Option 2
You can also access FinanceWorksTM through the 'Manage Money' tab on the main menu within Towne-Personal/Biz. Hover over 'Manage Money' and from the drop down menu and select 'FinanceWorks'.

FinanceWorksTM is a registered trademark of Digital Insight.