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Fraud Prevention for Debit Card Holders

We are pleased to provide our members with a valuable service to both identify and prevent fraudulent charges on your debit card. To ensure that you receive alerts, please contact your hometown banker to verify that we have the phone number(s) and/or email address where you can be reached while using your debit card.

How do I enroll?
As a TowneBank debit cardholder, you are automatically enrolled to receive certain alerts. Cardholders with a phone number on file may receive phone calls regarding debit card activity. Cardholders who provide a mobile phone number with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon are eligible to receive text alerts. Please contact your hometown banker to make sure that we have up-to-date contact information on file for you.
What triggers fraud alerts?
Transactions outside the cardholder’s normal spending activity may trigger an alert.
How can I stop text messages if I don't want to receive them any longer?

All you need to do is respond back to the text alert with the word STOP. If you would like to receive text alerts on a different mobile device, simply call your hometown banker and we will make that change for you.

If I respond back that the transaction(s) are valid, will you automatically unblock my account?
Your account will be unblocked, usually within 5-10 minutes of the initial call or text to validate activity. Once the validation is updated in our fraud system, you can attempt the transaction again.
Is this service 24 hours, or only in a certain window?
Texts will be sent from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Calls will be placed from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Alerts triggered during off hours will begin the following morning at the applicable time noted above.
What if my 'yes' or 'no' text response has a typo?
The system is not case sensitive and will accept many common typo variations of the 'yes' or 'no' text message response. If the system cannot understand what was typed, it will generate a message to call a representative for help.
Can I establish preferences through my mobile app?
Alerts are not configured through TowneBank’s mobile app or online banking, but rather through our fraud systems. The standard order of engagement is:
  1. Text
  2. Voice Call
Contact your hometown banker to verify the contact information we have on file for you.

How do incoming and outgoing voice calls work?
If a mobile phone is on record, a text alert will be triggered first. All numbers on record that are identified as mobile phone will be utilized. If we do not receive a response to the text(s), the system sends an automated voice call asking you to confirm if authorizations are valid or unrecognized. If you select 'Not Recognized,' the call is transferred to an agent to confirm the fraudulent transactions(s).
Will the phone numbers I've included in my online banking profile be automatically enrolled for debit card alerts?

No. Even though you may have added phone numbers to your online banking profile to use for one-time verification codes during login, these phone numbers will not carry over to the profile used for debit card alerts. 

Please contact your hometown banker to verify that we have an up to date phone number listed to use for voice and/or text alerts.  

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