Deposit Wizard Installation Instructions

Please follow the steps below to install the necessary software and drivers to use Deposit Wizard. If you need support, please contact our Treasury Support team at 844-638-6724, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. To continue, you must have the necessary Windows privileges to install an application. Therefore, you may need assistance from your Systems Administrator. You will also be required to reboot your computer. Please save and close any documents you have open.

Step 1 - Determine Windows Edition and Bit Count

These instructions will help you to determine your windows edition and bit count, both are necessary to know which drivers you will download in step 2.

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Step 2 Installing New Drivers

Instructions to download the drivers that correlate to your operating system and scanner.

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Step 3 - .Net Framework Install

To download the WebScan software (the software needed to run Deposit Wizard), you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installed on your PC.

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Step 4 - WebScan Installation

You must download the WebScan software to run Deposit Wizard on your P.C. We also recommend that you configure WebScan to check for updates automatically.

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Step 5 - Update Browser Settings

To avoid errors when scanning checks, you will need to update your browser to be either a trusted site or set up security exceptions.

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Step - 6 Scanner Registration

You must log into Deposit Wizard and register your scanner before you begin scanning checks.

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Step 7 - Demo Downloads

If you receive an error when scanning checks after completing Steps 1-6, download the demo for your scanner to determine if your drivers were installed incorrectly.

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Uninstalling Drivers

If drivers have been previously installed on the computer, follow these steps to uninstall the previous drivers.

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Deposit Wizard Installation FAQs

Need more help? Refer to these FAQs.

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