Check/ACH Fraud Control

Check Fraud Control
Protect your company from fraud by monitoring against suspicious check activity through Positive Pay services. Positive Pay identifies fraudulent items before a payment is issued to help you to reduce the risk of financial loss and minimize disruption to your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each time you issue checks, you send an electronic file to TowneBank. The file contains individual check serial numbers and amounts.
  • TowneBank builds a register from the file you send and compares it to every check presented for payment against the file.
  • If any check’s serial number and amount do not match the file you sent, the check is presented as a possible fraudulent item through Towne-Biz Plus for you to make a pay or return decision.

Benefits to your company:

  • Detect suspicious check activity
  • Expedite identification of fraudulent activity
  • Quickly flag items and easily determine whether to make the payment or return the check
ACH Fraud Control
Protect your company by implementing ACH Block or ACH Control.

ACH Block
  • Return all ACH debits or credits attempting to post to an ACH blocked account
  • Rejection is automatic, reducing clerical time and saving money

ACH Control
  • Reject unauthorized ACH transactions based upon your list of designated originators using ACH controls
  • Useful for accounts that require taxes, payroll, or other pre-authorized debits 

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