Verify Routing Numbers on Wire Templates

Please review your wire templates for an invalid or unavailable ABA/Routing Number to ensure that one of the following does not apply: 

The ABA/Routing number has always been incorrect and has been manually corrected by our Commercial Processing team to enable transfer.

  • If this is the case, you may need to contact the beneficiary to obtain the correct ABA/Routing number and correct the template prior to January 18 to allow conversion.
  • If this template is one that is no longer needed, it would be best to delete it prior to our conversion.

The ABA/Routing number is for a smaller bank that is not including in the Bank ID validation database of our new system.

  • If this is the case, it is likely there is an intermediary bank that is in the Bank ID validation Data base. This intermediary bank should be included in the wire instructions for the beneficiary.  You should update the wire template in Towne-Biz Plus to reflect the final destination account information in the ‘Message to Beneficiary’ field.  EXAMPLE- For further credit to John Smith, Acct# 123456789. The Beneficiary Information should be the beneficiary’s financial institution. The Beneficiary Bank Information should be the correspondent bank provided in the beneficiary’s wiring instructions.