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Preventing Internal and External Fraud

Build Safe Vendor Relationships

Build strong relationships with your vendors; not only will you and your vendors benefit, but you can also avoid falling victim to vendor and employee fraud.


Office and Workplace Security

Learn the basics of keeping your offices and workplace safe and secure for employees, clients and customers.


Perform Effective Background Checks Before Hiring

Screening or background checks candidates can help you avoid making hiring mistakes and putting the safety and security of your company at risk.


Performing Internal Audits

Learn how to identify fraudulent activity by making simple, periodic checks of key processes, accounts, and assets.


Protect Your Company and Customers against Employee Fraud

Implement these safeguards to protect you and your business from dishonest employees, clients or customers.


Safe Use of Credit Cards

Credit cards have become a way of life for your family. Now, small business use is also at an all time high. We've all heard about credit card threats that individuals can face, and the same holds true for your company card. We have some ideas on how to safeguard your business.


Training Employees to Prevent Fraud

Your employees are your best line of defense against internal and external fraud; learn how to train them to safeguard your company and your customers.


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