Towne-Biz is designed for the small business owner who may want to view personal and business accounts together while taking advantage of complementary budgeting, spending and account aggregation tools. 

  • View balance and transaction history including check images
  • Transfer money between accounts within seconds
  • Schedule automatic transfers to occur on a regular, periodic basis
  • View both business and personal accounts
  • Place Stop Payments online
  • Secure Chat, Secure email and Desktop Sharing for quick support
  • Online Statements
  • Free Mobile Banking*
  • Free Towne-Bill Pay
  • Manage your budget and track your spending  from TowneBank and other financial accounts with FinanceWorks
  • Direct Connect available free of charge the first 3 months.  Automatically download transactions, transfer funds and pay bills directly within Quicken® and QuickBooks^

^$10 per month thereafter. Enroll via your financial software.

Bill Pay
Towne-Bill Pay allows business owners to control your money as well as your time. Here are just a few of the functions you can perform:
  • Make one-time or automatic recurring payments on the dates you specify
  • Research your payment history
  • Never worry about missing an important payment or losing a payment in the mail
  • Every payment is recorded, tracked and guaranteed to be sent
  • Payments can be sent to anyone from utility companies to suppliers
  • Funds are not deducted from your account until the payment date you specify
  • Pay bills from multiple accounts

 Ready to enroll?  If you are already banking online, simply enroll in Towne-Bill Pay by logging into your account, clicking 'Bill Payment' and following the links to enroll. 

Money Tracking Tools

Track all of your expenses and manage your budget with FinanceWorks!
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Get a complete view of all of your accounts from other banks, credit card companies and investment firms right within Towne-Biz with FinanceWorks. This complimentary tool allows you to track your spending, watch your investments grow and manage your budget quickly and easily. 

With FinanceWorks you can:   

  • View accounts at other banks, credit card companies or investment firms using one login 
  • Create goals to budget your money wisely
  • Easily set and manage a budget to stay on track with all of your accounts
  • Filter tax deductible transactions to get organized for tax season
  • Categorize business transactions and view them on charts or graphs
  • Receive your online statement before paper statements are even mailed
  • Select to receive email notifications when Online Statements post
  • Save your statements as PDFs so you can access, save, and print as needed
  • Reduce potential fraud by eliminating paper delivery
  • To get started, simply log into Towne-Biz and select ‘Online Statements’ under the ‘Additional Services’ tab